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Panerai Radiomir PAM685-PAM687 3 Days

Panerai has announced launch of 2 new models on SIHH2017 - Panerai Radiomir PAM685-PAM687 3 Days Acciaio Brevettato. Having in mind company's current heading, it's obvious that these watches are vintage and rich with history. Read on to find out more about Panerai Radiomir PAM685-PAM687 3 Days Acciaio Brevettato. Panerai Radiomir PAM685-PAM687 3 Days Acciaio Brevettato

Panerai during World War Two

If you are reading this, the chances are that you are already familiar with some of the great Panerai History. It is not widely acknowledged how much Panerai have had influence in the World War Two. Being Italian at the time, it's logical that Panerai was helping Italians during the war. So, what was influence of

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Panerai History

For all of you Paneristi who are not familiar with Panerai History, this is a brief overview of company's long and rich history. 1860 – Giovanni Panerai opened his first Panerai shop on Ponte alle Grazie in Florence, Italy, selling Swiss pocket watches in the shop. The Panerai shop became later the first watchmaking school in

Panerai Radiomir hidden history – 5 well kept facts

Very few will know the fact of Panerai Radiomir hidden history.  Panerai Radiomir has started it's career around the Italian watch brand. At the beginning Panerai Radiomir was exclusively made for Italian navy divers. Only after it was made available to the public and later on got it's world wide popularity. Panerai Radiomir has celebrated it's 80th

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